2019 One Project


ONE Project was founded in 2017, committing to providing an exchange platform for both excellent film scripts

 on women topic and investors with high sense of artistic value and commercial value of women film in film industry are welcomed.

The registeration channel for the 3rd ONE PROJECT is now open

Awarding system and process for fostering projects is optimized and upgraded.

Allocate funds forthwith

Total funds rise to 100thousand(100000RMB)

Special award from Bridging the Dragon for film producer as permanent awards 

Naming opportunities for partner institutions

Workshop on Creation and Project is added

The one international women`s film festival has been devoting for years to the cause of standing for women`s film, fostering women filmmakers, and cooperating with all fellow companies. Lots of outstanding directors, script writers have come out of the project. The first One Project,《莫尔道嘎》(Jinling Cao)、《盛夏姐妹》(Qiang Wang)、《热带丛林》(Shiyun Hu)、《大好》(Eric Chung)、《周末》(Siyi Liu)(“Short Film Program”)、《光释光》(Yi Wan)(“Short Film Program”)、《救命》(Wen Qin)(“Short Film Program”).The second One Project,《吻》(Jie Liu-Falin)、《白夜》(Shu Liu)、《孩子们》(Yifan Shi)、《 LET ME REST IN PEACE 》(Yoko Yamanaka).

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debut film  la pointe courte agnes varda

2017 one project special award 

One Project will conduct a film project industry conference for the creative team and the investors on the day after the road show, to provide a better environment with sound cooperative mechanism and financing channel.

The prize winners will be given priority to promotions by subordinate institution, the one international women`s film venture capital union, in which there are producers, studios, and issuers from home and abroad.

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To strengthen the bridge between the women filmmakers and the investors, this year One Project will provide counseling meeting for the shortlisted projects in the preliminary selection and special promotion for the shortlisted projects in the final selection.


1Women topics or women main framers (film producer, director, scriptwriter).

2Independent and complete copyright;The legal responsibility for copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights and others involved in the work shall be borne by the author.

32 projects at most for each applicant.

4Script(s) or outline(s) is required, project budget(shooting stage) must be clear.

5The One Committee gives priority to the projects have not involved in other financing platforms.

6、Projects apply for “Co-production Special Award” should be Sino-European co-production in terms of financing, distribution, or production.

-Selection rules-

1This year the Creation and Project Funding judge panel is going to shortlist 10 film projects from all the entries. The shortlisted films will have roadshows at the festival and the judge for the Seminar will select screenplays and film projects for the awards this year. Shortlisted applicants will receive the message before August 8, 2019.

2The Organizing Committee will notify the finalists by email and inform the specific time and place of ONE PROJECT in September 2019.

3Two Industry AwardCo-production Special AwardThe One Committee Special Award to be announced after the road shows.

4The final result will be announced at the closing ceremony of the film festival in September 2019.

-Awards and benefits for final shortlisted film project-

1All activities during the film festival are available for the shortlisted directors/film producers as distinguished guests.

2、Participating in counseling meeting and industry conference.

3、5-nights free accommodation during the film festival.

4、Promotional support from the one organizing committee.

5、Opportunities of being promoted at International Class A Film Festival

6、Cash and non-cash rewards from the investor.

7、In-depth exchange learning opportunities with experienced filmmakers.

-Registration method and application materials-

Primary selection:

1Download application form on https://pan.baidu.com/s/1e6inXPInPBDzYoUTMdzVRA(passcode:tuzd)bio-filmography of director is required(online link of previous work if you have).

2Projection introduction; scripts introduction for feature films and statement from directors should be included.

3Shooting plan and cost budget

4Indicate “Sino-European co-production project”for project applying for “Co-production

*Send all the materials to project@oneiwff.com,with title of "application of one project《xx》".


Final selection:

1Project proposal(Including movie content and creative introduction, production team introduction, concept map or concept notice, production budget,co-production introduction is required for the co-production projects).

2Complete script or script outline(The organizing committee gives priority to the full-length script project).

3Other materials: Director's profile (within 50 words), story outline (within 200 words), director's explanation (within 

100 words).

4Alternative option:related video blending and previous works clips.(for scroll play at film festival,creation and project meeting and investment fair.



1Please actively cooperate with the organizing committee. It is necessary to correctly fill in the name and contact information of the applicant. Applications without correct contact and required materials,or over the fixed date are deemed to be automatically waived, the organizing committee is not responsible.

2、All applicants will accept the articles of association and various regulations by default. The organizing committee shall protect the personal information security and project privacy of the applicants,and also have the right to promote the project. A consent will be signed to guarantee the rights of both parties.

3、There is no charge for this project regitstration .

4、Duplicate registrations are not accepted. Works that have already participated in other competitions are not allowed to register .

5、The award to be paid must be deducted according to the relevant regulations of the state.

6、The organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation of the above terms.

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Thanks again to the judges for their support for the women film industry.

-Contact us-

Film festival:contact@oneiwff.com



-Venture agenda-

Date of Application:from now on to July 18, 2019

Shortlisted project release:August 8, 2019

Shortlisted projects roadshow:September,2019

-Registeration for investor-

Download application form on

https://pan.baidu.com/s/1e6inXPInPBDzYoUTMdzVRA(pass code:tuzd)

Send it to project@oneiwff.com

Date of application:from now on to September 1st 2019


Business Cooperation issue:contact@oneiwff.com




2019 One Project Final Selection Judge Panel

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